I LOVE Roses Even More Now!

Anyone who knows me, knows that Roses are my favorite flowers. I love growing them. I love the way they smell. I love the gigantic variety amongst them. I even have one in my logo. If you’ve been to my office in La Mesa (or when you visit soon), you’ll find a beautiful rose garden in front of the building (pic above). It was a huge confirmation that my office was the right choice for my new business (and yes I do believe the Universe sends us signs).

While I was in Arizona recently, I discovered a new essential oil company, NHR Organic Oils, which has me really excited. NHR is located in England, a place where Aromatherapy has a long and respected place in the healing profession. I also want to complement the AZ store, Zona’s Oils, in their excellent sourcing!

I was thrilled to acquire Rose essential oil. I’ve never had this particular oil before but have always desired it. I got poking around the internet and found this great article “19 Surprising Benefits of Rose Essential Oil.” One of it’s benefits is fighting depression and relieving anxiety. Used on a regular basis, rose essential oil can encourage positive emotions like joy, happiness, and hope. It seems rose essential oil would benefit many including seniors both on an emotional level while also boosting their immune systems. I look forward to using my new rose oil during therapeutic massage sessions to add some extra umph to the healing outcomes!

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