Ever Thought of Beginning a Meditation Practice?

Recently I was visiting Palm Springs and had the great pleasure of spending a day at Two Bunch Palms. If you ever are in the neighborhood, I highly recommend this Spa to de-stress,  enjoy the mineral baths, and receive one of their specialty treatments (I chose the Herbal Poultice, a full immersion mud bath followed by a massage, which uses a warm essential blend of oils and herbal poultices to soothe and detoxify the body.)

While there I had the delight of meeting Felina Danalis, who was teaching a “Meditation for Everyone” class. It was a great session as I was the only student that morning! While I have practiced meditation at times, I have never made it a regular practice. What I learned from Felina was that the power and benefits of meditation can only be achieved through everyday practice. Of course I immediately thought . . . how can I possibly squeeze meditation into my already busy life every day? But Felina walked me through some alternative strategies for incorporating meditation that have worked for other people. One paradigm shift for me was the idea that 10 minutes a day could create benefits IF practiced every day.

I know that when daily meditation was part of my Qi Gong classes at Pacific College, I did experience benefits:

  • I slept better.
  • I felt calmer.
  • I reacted less to stressful situations.

However, at those times I was spending about 1/2 hour per day. I never thought that I could experience those same benefits with less time spent. So now I am in the process of establishing this new habit, 10 minutes per day. I will report back on how it goes. I encourage you to give it a try, too!

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