Recommendation for Davids Toothpaste

Had my 6 months cleaning at Dr. Wu’s a few weeks ago and the hygienist was amazed with how great my teeth and gums were. I puzzled over this a bit . . . I knew that my electric toothbrush (Phillips Sonicare) had greatly improved the maintenance of my dental hygiene, but that’s been the case for the last several years. So what had changed?

It dawned on me that I had changed toothpaste. I attended the mini health fair within the Del Mar Fair last summer and had purchased a new toothpaste, Davids. It’s fluoride and sulfate free. It uses peppermint essential oil – so it also tastes good!

Ethically I also approved of its recyclable material and that it was 100% American made – really, what’s not to like?! So I wanted to give a shout out about it and let others know what a great product it is.

Happy Brushing!


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